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The Lamp Doctor was founded by Mr. Mark Antalek who recognized the need for a personal and professional service for businesses and home owners alike. Understanding that everybody at some time has problems with their lights, lamps and fans around their home. This can be very costly to have ordinary electricians come out and repair or replace a light.

Mr Antalek retired from a major fortune 500 company in 1999 after 30 years of customer service. He decided to continue his dedication to customer service through his lamp repair, creation and installation business. His expertise was gained through a well known lighting shop located in Northern Virginia from 2000 through 2003. In the year of 2004 Mr. Antalek relocated to Virginia Beach and opened the Lamp Doctor.

After opening his shop Mr Antalek found out that there was a need in the area for his service to go to his customers instead of them coming to him, so he closed his large shop and started an in-home service. Mark is probably the only doctor who still makes house calls

The lamp Doctor still has a smaller shop for the repairs that need to be taken out of the home or business for repair. The shop is not generally open to the public which allows him to give that great customer service he provides. This allows The Lamp Doctor can keep the cost down for his customers. So if you have a problem give The Doctor a Call.


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