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The lamp doctor was started because of the need for people to have a service repair man come to there home, to fix fixtures that are mounted in the household. We understood the need for the convenience of not having to remove large bulky fixtures, that could be damage during removal. With all that in mind the first in home repair service was created.

The lamp doctor will work with you giving you the flexibility of having the appointment for service at your convenience. the flexible hours that we have are perfect for our customers with busy schedules. All you have to do is call and set up an appointment, that is good for you. Giving you the freedom to get everything you need to do done.

We repair and install all of your lighting needs. We also remove chandeliers take them to are shop, completely dismantle them to give them the cleaning to return them back to looking brand new.

People have a hard time believing that you can repair a fixture cheaper then replacing them. That's how we have done so good in this business. Are prices are so good, our customers keep us coming back. You will get estimates prior to any jobs being stated. At which you will be able to compare are prices with what it would cost you to replace it. Are custom lamps are just amazing our customers just love us being able to create an memorable item that they can enjoy all the time.

We are here to make your worries go away, we will take care of fixing your fixtures, with out the hassle.....

The Lamp Doctor

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